Taking care of a pet is somehow comparable to taking care of a baby. However, even when pet owners choose to groom professionally, some opt for grooming their pets by themselves.   

So, if ever you are grooming your pet at home, here are some common mistakes you may be making that are making your pet uncomfortable.   

1. Summer shaving  

Hair is generally interlinked to being hot, well, through the perspective of us humans, however using the same principle to your pet may endanger their health. Shaving a pet in the middle of summer is rampant because owners have the thinking that they are helping their pets stay cool; however, the reality is the opposite.   

The extra fur you so eagerly shave off in summertime to keep your dog cool in the heat of summer is helping them cool down. So, if ever you have the urge to shave it off the next summer, then read this back and know that your pet can handle his temperature in the summer by just leaving his hair alone.   

If you want your pet to feel more comfortable, bush his hair instead.   

2. Cleaning the inner ear  

Your dog’s ear canal is the perfect environment for bacteria and fungi that may cause our dog to have infection problems. Keeping this area clean is not your job at all; your dog can handle this task just fine. Ensure that when cleaning your dog, you are not purposely introducing water in the inner ear area not to cause moisture in the area. If you clean this area with water, you may be simply introducing your dog to infection.   

3. Thorough rinse  

I know that I’ve said too much water introduced when bathing your dog can bring a lot of harm, especially when water is introduced to areas that can cause infection, like the are pin the inner ear. However, thoroughly rinsing other parts of your dog’s body is also necessary. Skip too much finishing in the head area using a damp towel to finish the rinsing process and continue doing a thorough rinse through the whole body. This step is necessary because the residue from the products you used in making your dog smell good can irritate their skin. Continue the process of rinsing till you no longer see any present bubbles. Moreover, use a water temperature that is not too hot but not too cold either.   

4. Wet hair brushing  

 Have you heard that brushing your hair when wet can greatly add to hair damage? Well, surprise, the same applies to your dog. The process of brushing your dog’s hair when it is still wet can greatly provide irritation to their skin. This is often due to hair clumping and forcefully brushing their hair because wet hair can easily clump together. To avoid this problem, be sure to let their hair dry completely before using a brush.   

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